Women Who Code Delhi Mentorship 3.0 -Week 5

Part of the journey is the end ~ Robert Downey Jr.

But I believe the journey has just begun. WWCD Mentorship program gave me a great opportunity to be mentored, to be heard, to be understood, and to be helped. And I wish to take that experience to help more people in whichever way I can.

On this note, let’s dive right into my experience of Week 5. You can read more about my previous experiences here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.

Week 5 was majorly focussed on “Creating Your Presence”. We started off the call by discussing what an online presence means and why is it important.

It was an interactive session wherein we were giving our thoughts on the topic as well. Our mentor, Saumya Singh talked about making an online portfolio to showcase your skills. She showed us her portfolio and suggested ways we can make one for ourselves.

Your online presence lets you collaborate and network with people, thus facilitating your growth. Moreover, recruiters and hiring managers can find you more easily!

She also talked about building an effective LinkedIn profile and how one can bag opportunities through LinkedIn itself. And thus, it is crucial to have a profile that aligns with your interests and your journey.

Some of the tips that I picked from the session are:

  1. Put up a professional photo of yourself as your profile picture.
  2. Put a relevant headline because that’s one of the first things people notice about your profile.
  3. Do not leave the ‘About Me’ section empty as this is an opportunity for you to tell your story.
  4. Showcase your projects, skills, and achievements. Don’t shy away from putting yourself out there.
  5. Interact with other’s content as well.

With this, our 5-week journey has come to end. It was a beautiful one, for sure. I learnt a lot from my mentor, my fellow mentees and the community in general. And I hope, through my experiences, you were able to learn as well.

Goodbye readers!

As Saumya says, be honest, be pure, be hardworking.

Until next time. :)

learning, growing.