Women Who Code Delhi Mentorship 3.0 -Week 2

After an enlightening week, we moved on to Week 2 of WWCD Mentorship Program 3.0. In Week 1, we discussed various programs and opportunities like GSSoC, GHC, etc. We also talked about contributing to open source and how welcoming and rewarding the open-source community is. You can read about my Week-1 experience here.

Week-2 was aimed towards internship and placement opportunities. Our mentor, Saumya Singh, started by telling us about Leetcode. She suggested that for understanding DSA concepts, one can refer GeeksforGeeks and Youtube and for practicing questions, Leetcode. She talked about using Leetcode efficiently. She was kind enough to share the various resources that she referred, for her preparation. We also got to know about Pramp, where you can practice giving a mock interview with a random peer. She also agreed to set up a mock interview for our practice, if required.

One good thing about Leetcode is you can easily find explanations to the questions. Their discussion community is also active and can be very helpful. Some of the Youtube channels to follow are Kevin Naughton Jr and Nick White.

Some points to remember while doing coding for interview preparation:

  1. Don’t try to do too many problems in one day. Consistency is what matters.
  2. Try to persuade the interviewer with your problem-solving skills.
  3. Discuss your approach, thought process with the interviewer. Start practicing thinking out loud.
  4. Don’t be discouraged by rejection. Use rejection as the fuel that keeps you motivated.

She also mentioned that during her interviews, she was generally asked array and dynamic programming questions. She was asked Graph questions only during the Redhat interview.

Some important takeaways:

  1. Work on your LinkedIn, Twitter profile to stay updated on the latest trends, opportunities, etc.
  2. The tech community of Twitter is really good. Follow the right people there to get the most out of it.
  3. Keep updating your Github profile since a good technical profile increases your chance of being selected.
  4. Make a profile on naukri.com to get updated on more opportunities.

Our task for the week was to read a technical blog on Medium every day. This also includes interview preparation and experience blogs.

This was all about Week 2. The session was very informative and our mentor was super helpful. She was open to our queries and cleared our doubts. She kept giving us valuable insights from her own experience. I am looking forward to more such wonderful sessions.